Dj Sammy B-Side – Wordplay Intro 2
Iron Braydz Ft. Kyza – Scorpion Sting
Mystro – Benga, Benga
Res & Datkid (Split Prophets) – Spraycan Molesters
Cyrus Malachi – Contraband
Yungun Ft. Lsk – Deep
Pete Cannon & Deadline Ft. Serocee & Yogi – How The System Goes
Dr Syntax – Get Into It
Fliptrix – Rising
Joker Starr – Lost Tribe Of The Leng (Wizard Rmx)
Sonnyjim – Arr Yeah
Leaf Dog Ft. Dj Sammy B-Side – Jaws Wired Shut
Edward Scissortongue – Theremin
Caxton Press – Press Play
Secret Other Family Ft. Stig Of The Dump & King Kaiow – Winner 
Verb T – The Fall Of St. Thomas
Bva Mc Ft. Dj Sammy B-Side – The Devide 
J Man – Interdimentional Piff
Smellington Piff – Who Runs This
Jam Baxter – Still No Flints
Concept Of Thought – I Can

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