Soul 1-15 – Previously unreleased instrumentals
Soul 16-34 – Instrumentals taken from both Mathematics albums
1. Justcantluv (Instrumetal)
2. Can I Rise ? (Instrumetal)
3. Gun Talk (Instrumetal) 
4. Pimpology 101 (Instrumetal) 
5. Winta Sno (Instrumetal) 
6. Two Shots of Henny (Instrumetal) 
7.  Break That (Instrumetal) 
8. Intro (Instrumetal) 
9. Da Way We Were (Instrumetal) 
10.Tommy (Instrumetal)
11. U.S.A. (Instrumetal) 
12. Respect Mine (Remix) (Instrumetal) 
13. Respect Mine (Instrumetal)
14.C What I C (Instrumetal) 
15.Strawberries & Cream (Instrumetal) 
16.John 3:16 (Instrumental)
17.Bullet Scar (Instrumetal) 
18.Real Nillaz (Instrumetal) 
19.Rush (Instrumetal)  
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