I. The Dying Era (Skorpion Intro) 00:45
II. Skorpia 02:33
III. Narkotik Rapture Feat. Marq Spekt and Rated R 04:21
IV. The Shores of Oblivion 02:20
V. True Plot Beyond It (Interlude) 01:23
VI …And he Will Dekay Within himself 02:54
VII. Destruktion of the Beast Feat. Sleep Sinatra and Cyrus Malachi 05:55
VIII. Konspiracy of Silence (Interlude) 01:46
IX. To Infinity (And Still Beyond) 03:27
X. Haymakerz (Life) 03:53
XI. Konquer Feat. Chief Kamachi 02:42
XII. Transformation (Re-Life) 03:07
XIII. The Kreed of God 04:05
XIV. Skorpiate 02:27
XV. The Koming of the Great Drahgon 03:03 
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