01. Intro (Knives)
02. Here We Go (prod. by STK)
03. Unscripted (prod. by Genocide)
04. Rape On Wax (prod. by STK)
05. Joel Rifkin (prod. by BadProd Rikordz)
06. The Dead (Interlude)
07. Biblical Plagues (Remix) (prod. by STK)
08. Kill Street Blues (prod. by STK)
09. They Can´t Be Trusted ft. Zenz (prod. by STK)
10. The Uncanny (prod. by Genocide)
11. Civil War (prod. by STK)
12. The Grays (prod. by (STK)
13. Invasion (Crop Circles 3) (prod. by STK)
14. The Butterfly Effect (prod. by BadProd Rikordz)
15. Forever (prod. by STK)
16. Days Of Future Past (Unchainde) ft. Benny NoBull (prod. by BadProd Rikordz)
17. Make U Famous (prod. by STK)
18. Civil War (Danger Doom Remix) (prod. by STK)
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