01.Intro feat. Mayhem, cuts by DJ Ker
02.Slice of Life ft. N.B.S. & Jaysaun
03.This Can’t Be Life ft. El Lay
04.Reach ft. Crookz Green & A-One
05.Valentine ft. Sparkingtin & Dre Goose
06.Knock knock ft. E.M.S. cuts by DJ LP2
07.I’m Feelin’ Myself ft. Quite Nyce
08.Stomped Out ft. Skeezo & Kaymerda
09.Another Part of History ft. El Lay & Sparkingtin
10.The Real Type ft. Absouljah
11.Hold it Down ft. Skeezo
12.Jetsons ft. Crookz Green & El Toro
13.Past Doubt ft. E.M.S.
14.Just Bein’ Me ft. The Aztext
15.Venom ft. Mayhem, cuts by DJ Family Tyz
16.Ode to the Bronx ft. Tribeca
17.Where They Want to Be ft. N.B.S. & Emilio Tirado
18.WTF Happened ft. King Magnetic & GQ NP, cuts by DJ Revolution

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