Thanks to Fats Eardrums


01. Heroic Future
02. Dactyl Rap 1138
03. Black Manta
04. Worst Things First (Alt. Seq.) feat. East Coast Avengers
05. 1989 (Rap Version)
06. Dustman feat. Random (aka Mega Ran)
07. Zod (70′s Cartoon Edit & Remix)
08. Vinyl’s Dead
09. Popcorn In Revere
10. Looks Like Reign
11. My Swordz feat. Planetary (of Outerspace)
12. Pterodactyl Sax
13. Blew My Mind In 2 Parts
14. Knifegirl (Eso’s Uber-Dramatic Remix)
15. Hold On (OG Version)
16. Real American Heroes Demoralized feat. King Magnetic
17. Pterolab 1st Slaughter
18. Scalper feat. Jawn P (of Top Choice Clique)
19. Deathwish
20. You Ain’t Hip
21. Waxing On Decepticon
22. Time With My Girl (OG Modern) feat. K. Flay
23. Watch The Pro (Rl-92 Remix)
24. Makin’ Beats In The Lab With Numan (Interlude)
25. You Ain’t The Reel One
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