1 Gangster
2 Rockin’
3 Gun Go (Original)
4 17 (feat. Rell)
5 Run and Hide (feat. Un Kasa)
6 Don’t Wanna Be the Last
7 Check
8 Super Ag
9 Slum Music (feat. Streets)
10 Taliban (feat. Luca «maximus» Brazi and Jim Jones)
11 Gun Go (remix) (feat. Juelz Santana and Jim Jones)
12 So Great
13 Get it Poppin’ (feat. Un Kasa)
14 Jail Song
15 You Scared (feat. Ike Eyes and Shan)
16 Streets Freestyle
17 All We Do
18 Rooftop (feat. Shan)
19 Pop Off (feat. C-Blik and Dev)
20 Back Now

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