«Collaborations, et titres produits sur divers albums, Ep, Compilations & Mixtapes par Crown du groupe Grim Reaperz. «

Crown is a French beatmaker, member of Grim Reaperz (Enemy Soil’s beats producers). He has been a DJ since 1998 and began producing in 2004. 
Crown has worked with some of the most influential underground hip-hop MC’s from across the globe. (including the supergroup Army of The Pharaohs) 
The producer is also closely affiliated with Saké (France) & Scylla (Belgium); and produced the first “MC vs Beatmaker” video. 
Crown is known and respected for his ability to create tracks using complex combinations 
of chopped samples that come from wide-ranging genres of music.


1.Saké (Les Zakariens) – «Le Maximum» (Version Rap) (Produced by Crown)
2.The AbSoulJah – «Nasty» (Prod & Cut by Crown)
3.Dead’P – 날개짓 (Feat. Paloalto & DJ Crown)
4.Grödash – «L’Amour Vaut Mieux Que La Gloire» (produced by Crown)
5.Ghostface Killah (Wu-Tang) – Freestyle Skit (before Crown «Cant Hide It»)
6.Reef The Lost Cause (AOTP) – «The line drawn in the sand» (produced by Crown)
7.Catalyst (feat.Tame One (The Artifacts) & Vorheez) – «Slow Down» (Produced by Crown)
8.Dead’P – «Mephisto» (Feat. Rhyme-A-, DJ Crown)
9.L’Hexaler (feat. Scylla) – «Esprit Revenchard» (Produced by Crown)
10.Les Zakariens – «Z.A.KA.R.I.E.N.S» (produced by Crown)
11.Arsel – «Première Immersion» (Produced by Crown)
12.Futur Proche (feat.Konea & Cyanure A.T.K) – «C’est Comme Ca» (Produced by Crown)
13.Verbal Kent – «WAR» (produced by Crown)
14.Les Zakariens – «C’est Mieux Comme Ca» (produced by Crown)
15.Doap Nixon (AOTP), Profitis & Trademarc – «Worldwide Disaster» (Produced by Crown)
16.Masta Pi – «Nos Démons» (produced by Crown)
17.Noss (Assos2Dingue) – «Play List» (produced by Crown)
18.SonReal – «Just Honest» (produced by Crown)
19.Saké (Les Zakariens) – «7.8» (produced by Crown)
20.Scylla (feat. Maggy Tyson) – «J’Peux Pas Pardonner» (produced by Crown)
21.Masta Pi – «Les Nerfs» (produced by Crown)
22.Saké (Les Zakariens) – «Fidèle A Moi» (produced by Crown)
23.Sianard – «C’est Pas Ecrit» (produced by Crown)
24.Sakage Kronik feat.Sidi Omar & Wira (Les Zakariens) – «L’effet papillon» (Produced by Crown)
25.SonReal – «Weather» (produced by Crown)
26.Saké (Les Zakariens) – «Je Prends Le Pouvoir» (produced by Crown)
27.Eska – «Cours» (Produced by Crown)
28.Farage feat Sakè & Mac Kregor & Mamad – «On Va le Faire» (Produced by Crown)
29.Saké – «Bienvenue» (Produced & Cuts by Crown)
30.Seyté (La Smala) & K-Otic – «Seythérapie» (Produced by Crown)
31.Kaer (StarFlam) – «Bailar» (Produced by Crown)

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