Props To HHB
01. All Hail the Honorable
02. Gritty Trenches
03. Who Goes There (feat. Hus & Skanks)
04. The Rap Shogun
05. Life Itself
06. Love You Like Music (feat. Contro’ Versy & Maty Soul)
07. Mastery (cuts Dj Djaz) [with DJ Djaz]
08. Manga
09. Indigo Child (cuts Dj Djaz) [with DJ Djaz]
10. War Spelled Backwards (feat. Eloh Kush of Angelz Inc)
11. Mystical Strings
12. They Just Don’t Care (feat. Maqflah & Meemee Nelzy)
13. Manga (Astronote Remix)
14. Life Itself (Phalo Remix)
15. Mystical Strings (Venom Remix)
16. War Backwards (feat. Eloh Kush of Angelz Inc) {Azaia Remix} 
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