Props to Falk


1. Dopest Spitting (feat. Prologic)
2. Shark Tank (feat. Simon Phoenix)
3. Face to Face (feat. Illtone & King Magnetic)
4. Warriors Don’t Quit
5. Special Updates (feat. Dj VR)
6. Cocky Type (feat. Copywrite)
7. Spotlight (feat. Simon Phoenix)
8. Catch What I’m Sayin’
9. Lying in the Cold (feat. Luke Nietsch)
10. Strictly for the Heads (feat. Jonny Riddim, Lord Lhus, Eq, Inf & Benihana Kenobi)
11. Who R U?
12. Bell Tower Assassins
13. Done You (feat. Inf & Reef The Lost Cauze)
14. Off the Deep End
15. White Dragon of War
16. Refuse to Die
17. Just For the Record (feat. Pacewon & Main Flow)  

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