Props to Falk


1. Spintro (feat. Skratchaholiks)
2. Underworld (feat. DJ Kwestion Of Jedi Mind Tricks)
3. The Danegur Zone IIs)
4. Emcee Wizardry (feat. DJ Trickalome)
5. Mathematics (feat. Reef The Lost Cauze & Burke The Jurke)
6. One Of A Kind
7. Night Owlz (feat. Benihana Kenobi)
8. Raw Wit It
9. Rhyme Elite (feat. Termanology, King Magnetic & White Shadow Of Norway)
10. Golden Anthem (feat. DJ Zashone & DJ Madhandz)
11. His Story Pt. 1
12. True Story (feat. TRiLL & DJ Trickalome)
13. Lock & Load (feat. DJ Madhandz)
14. Strangers (feat. Sean Strange & DJ Trickalome)
15. Screws Loose (feat. Block McCloud)
16. Demons Lair
17. Multisyllabus (feat. Apathy, Diabolic & White Shadow Of Norway)
18. League Of Shadows (feat. Shadow People)
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