1. Jungle King Intro
2. Mega City One
3. Terror (feat. Aeyone, Glom, Burke The Jurke & J.O.)
4. Get It How You Live (feat. East Coast)
5. Legal Aliens (feat. Capitol I-Man)
6. Listen Here (feat. Slim DSM)
7. Lo Pense
8. Fishscale (feat. True Grit & Nico The Beast)
9. Juggling Act (feat. Rich Quick)
10. Predator Or Prey (feat. June Marx)
11. Wild Life (feat. GQ Nothin Pretty & Shallow Pockets)
12. Lost In Scarcity
13. Show Love (feat. Sick Six & Dr. Fowlmouf)
14. New Mutants (feat. Respect Tha God & Glomgold)
15. Freedom Fighters (feat. Adlib & Ali Armz)
16. Release The Kracken (Remix) (feat. Glomgold & Ghetto MC)
17. Darkness (feat. Spit Gemz)
18. Burn Village (feat. G.S. Advance)
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