02. Total Eclypse Feat. Eclypse The Pretenatural
03. Bum Shelter Wild Style Feat. Bru Lei & Zero Star
04. Middle Finga’ In The Air Feat. Mr. Nervous, Jakki & Copyright
05. Blaze It Up, Take It Easy Feat. PRZM, Seel Fresh & Ravage
06. Merch Table Feat. PRZM & Merch Dog
07. Handycam Feat. PRZM
08. Exit Only Feat. Eclypse The Pretenatural
09. Lo’ed Out Feat. PRZM
10. Nervous Game Feat. Mr. Nervous & Metro
11. Off the Clock Part II Feat. PRZM
12. So Nasty Feat. PRZM
13. PRZM! It’s Alive! 

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