1.Glass Clouds (intro)
2.The Glass Ceiling (main theme)
3.World on my Shoulders
4.Puzzle (skit)
5.Aerial View
6.Big Themes for Little Losers
7.Alone in Glass (skit)
8.Summer with Asakala
10.Face of Illusion (Zu link)
13.Alone Thoughts
15.Hard Endeavour
16.Drum Drama (skit)
17.Words for the Boss
18.Behind Backs
19.Espionage Ring (skit)
20.The Facts Remain
21.Face of Illusion
22.Vibrato Illusion
23.Truth Syndrome
24.Walking on a Razor (part 2)
25.Glass Survival (skit)
26.Game of Survival
27.Hand of Jokers
28.Race with the Devil
29.Glass Beat (link)
30.Worldwide Assassination

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