01. Voice of Nomad (ft. Cheyenne & Morning Star) [Beat by D.C.B.]
02. Claw Finger (ft. Lenguarmada & Infeck) [Beat by Kachin]
03. Dream Team (ft. Old Child, Louie Sad, St. Sl & Pro Pyatno) [Beat by Old Child
04. Flock of Vultures (ft. Animal Cracker & Infeck) [Beat by Kachin]
05. Mi Pensamiento Oculto (ft. The Jotaka & Lacro) [Beat by Phoenicz
06. Mugre (ft. Repthum & Sikadelik) [Beat by Baalzphonskillz]
07. Connecticum (ft. Old Child, Ded Gorazo & Pro Pyatno) [Beat by Old Child
08. Musical Thought (ft. Mlody Goh & Gutmistrz Drahuda) [Beat by Gutmistrz Drahuda]
09. Phoenix Ashes (ft. The Jotaka) [Beat by Phoenicz]
10. Take It Again (ft. Menace O.B.E.Z. & DaSunofsam) [Beat by Explicito]
11. Children of Space (ft. Leya, Louie Sad, Old Child & Erks Orion) [Beat by pOMerbl4]
12. Cursed Generation (ft. Seraph Guard, Onse & Sikadelik) [Beat by Righteouz Knight
13. Templars (ft. Cheyenne, Verb, The Jotaka & Schyzo) [Beat by D.C.B.]
14. Idol (ft. Riishii G7, Louie Sad, Old Child & Pro Pyatno) [Beat by Old Child]
15. Bloody Scrolls (ft. Mortal, The Jotaka & Badyl RDP) [Beat by Gutmistrz Drahuda] 
16. Haunters of the Dark (ft. Mldoy Goh, The Jotaka & Gutmistrz Drahuda) [Beat by Gutmistrz Drahuda]
17. Living Water (ft. Rob-Rod, Verb, The Jotaka & Onse) [Beat by Righteouz Knight]
18. Invaderz From Azguard (ft. Gordo Templi, Dr. Voodoo, Supreme the Truth & Divine Styles) [Beat by Blaq Masq]
19. Destructors of Beatz (ft. Ashka) [Beat by DJ Rhum’1]
20. Ghetto Residents (ft. Topas, Panoplia & J-Frog the Virus) [Beat by DJ Coach 1]
21. Living Legends (ft. Sikadelik) [Beat by The Soul Beat Assassinator]
22. Nada (ft. Onse, The Jotaka & Indigenous Element) [Beat by Righteouz Knight]
23. Travel Ovaseas (ft. Gamblez, Topas, Treviso & Potent Tai) [Beat by DJ Coach 1]
24. La Palabra Macabra (ft. Lenguarmada & H-erre) [Beat by Explicito]
25. GoonBars (ft. OzGoon) [Beat by Kekko Bros.]
26. Words I Never Said (ft. Supreme the Truth & Baby Jayne) [Beat by The 6th Element]
27. Six (ft. Sikadelik) [Beat by Flag Captured]
28. Warlords (ft. Onse, The Jotaka & Menace O.B.E.Z.) [Beat by Kwervo]
29. Zenith of Existance (ft. Apostolus & Caprot) [Beat by Artifact]
30. Lurks in the Shadows (ft. Alpha Sigma) [Beat by Cleno Jovanni]  

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