01. Room Of Angels (Intro)
02. Exodus (feat. Orion Quest, Rez TheSilverback, Sick Since & Subkonshis)
03. Merkaba (feat. Baphomet MC & Apostolus)
04. Digital Fortress (feat. Life Scientist)
05. Immaculate Deception (feat. Delacruze, Baphomet MC & Caprot)
06. No No (feat. Morbid Complex & EyeRap)
07. The 7th Seal (feat. OZ The Arc Raider)
08. Blackout (feat. Baphomet MC)
09. The Lullaby Of Champions Remix (feat. Canibus)
10. Doap Children Remix (feat. Doap Nixon, Kanis Lu, Labal S & Mark Deez)
11. Torture Chamber Remix (feat. Mr. Hyde, Ron Necro, U.G., Guttzilla Riina & Multiple Blastoff)
12. Poet Laureate Infinity Remix (feat. Canibus) 

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