1.Quantum Chaos Theory (Intro) 01:38
2.Atomicypher (80 Bars) 04:39
3.War (Ft. Orion Quest (3rd Eye Revolution), Big Shot (Gifted Mindz) & Rez the Silverback (Abandoned Playhouse) 04:26
4.Embrace the Contradiction 03:56
5.Broken System 01:45
6.Puppets (Ft. Arhythmatik (Modurn Languaj Asosiashun)) 04:07
7.Descension 03:33
8.Dark Crystals (Ft. Esko El Lobo) 02:46
9.Monodramatic Soliloquy 03:09
10.Nothing Bassoons (Ft. Ixion Form (Abandoned Playhouse & Shadow People)) 03:03
11.Cerebros Sanctorium 02:16
12.Handle Bars (Ft. Sick Since) 03:05
13.Walking in the Rain 03:45
14.Wave of Destruction (Eye For An Eye Remix) (Ft. Evil Intentions (Formaldahyde & Anonamix) 03:18
15.The Illmortals (Ft. Father Focus Confucius (Lost World Visionaries)) 04:46
16.League of Shadows (MXtended Version) 01:27
17.Outta Control (Ft. Ixion Form (Abandoned Playhouse & Shadow People) & R-Kitech) 04:14
18.Without Shadows of Doubt (Ft. Darren G (Shadow People) & Subkonshis (Shadow People)) 03:32
19.What’s Chaos? (Anarchist Remix) 04:05
20.New Word Order (Ft. Tragedy Khadafi (Black Market Militia) & Death Star (3rd Eye Revolution) 03:30
21.The Serenade of Aurora (Mrs. Vint Mentalz Tribute) 03:49

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