Tape A (1996)

A1. DJ Premier – Intro
A2. M.O.P – Anticipation
A3. Royal Flush – Worldwide
A4. Busta Rhymes – Live To Regret
A5. Hillfiguz – Too Many Suckas
A6. Ghostface, Cappadonna & Raekwon – Camay
A7. East Flatbush Project & DeS – Tried By 12
A8. All City – Who Dat
A9. PMD – Leave Your Style Cramped
A10. Natural Resource – Bum Deal
A11. Mr Voodoo – Shine
B1. Nine – Every Man 4 Himself
B2. Gauge – Cranium
B3. Al Tariq – Think Not
B4. Sadat X – The Interview
B5. De La Soul, Mos Def & Enoll – Stakes Is High (Remix)
B6. Money Boss Players – Walk With A Limp
B7. Mobb Deep – Hell On Earth
B8. Nas – Freestyle
B9. Nonchalant & Krs One – People Time  

Tape B (1996)


A1. Greg Tate – What Is Hip Hop?
A2. G-Depp – Head Over Wheels
A3. Jay-Z – Regrets
A4. Children Of The Corn – American Dream
A5. Trybal Men – Money To Make
A6. Adagio – The Obvious Joint
A7. J-Force – For All Those
A8. La The Darkman – I Want It All
A9. The Roots – ? Vs. Scratch
B1. Common – The Bitch In You
B2. OutKast – Elevators
B3. Lord Finesse – Check The Method
B4. Jeru The Damaja – How I’m Livin
B5. Dead Poets Society – Lick A Shot
B6. Heltah Skeltah – Therapy
B7. Dutchmin – Get Ya Swerve On
B8. Heather B. & M.O.P. – My Kinda Nigga
B9. Paula Perry & Que 45 – Get A Grip Mutha…
B10. M.O.P – New Jack City 

Tape C (1997)


A1. DJ Premier – Intro
A2. Screwball – Screwed Up
A3. PMD – Kool Kat
A4. Xzibit & Hurricane G. – Just Maintain
A5. Mobb Deep – More Trife Life
A6. Puff Daddy & Mase – All About The Benjamins
A7. Mama Mystique – Tremendous
A8. O.G.C. – No Fear
A9. Ghostface Killah, Cappadonna & Raekwon – Fish
A10. Redman – What Eva Man
A11. Poor Righteous Teachers – We Dat Nice
B1. DJ Premier – Intro
B2. Camp Lo – Luchini
B3. Ras Kass – Marintin
B4. OutKast – Babylon
B5. Voodoo – One Live To Live
B6. Mobb Deep & Ty Nitty – Animal Instinct
B7. Sadat X & Money Boss Players – Games Sober
B8. Foundation & Rezidue – Boogie Down’s Got That Flava
B9. O.G.C. – Gunn Lapp
B10. Sharpshooters – Better Dayz
B11. Sauce Money – Against The Grain 

Tape D (1997)


A1. DJ Premier – Intro
A2. M.O.P. – Downtown Swinga ’96
A3. Mixed Elements – Divine Styles
A4. Ghostface Killah – Wildflower
A5. Redman – Rock Da Spot
A6. Mic Geronimo – Unstoppable
A7. Xzibit & Mobb Deep – Eyes May Shine (Remix)
A8. Big Jaz, Jay-Z & Sauce Money – Foundation
A9. Poor Righteous Teachers & Nine – Gods, Earths & 85ers
A10. MF Grimm & Fatman Scoop – International Rules
A11. Frankenstein – All Hands
B1. DJ Premier – Intro
B2. A Tribe Called Quest – Wordplay
B3. Nas & R. Kelly – Street Dreams (Remix)
B4. Keith Murray, Kel-Vicious & 50 Grand – Love L.O.D.
B5. Mobb Deep & Raekwon – Nighttime Vultures
B6. The Roots – Panic
B7. The Roots & Bahamadia – Push Up Ya Lighter
B8. Redman & Method Man – Do What Ya Feel
B9. Foundation & Rezidue – Don’t Get It Twisted
B10. Smoothe Da Hustler & Trigger Tha Gambler – Broken Language Pt. II
B11. Lil’ Kim – Drugs
B12. Hillfiguz – Up On Prospect

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