01. Evolution Of The Kid
02. Nothin’ But Business (feat. BR & V Knuckles)
 03. Bloodthirsty (feat. 357 & Phinelia)
04. Loyalty (feat. Kali & Twice Thou)
05. Buildin’ With Edo (feat. Edo G)
06. Polaroid Picture (feat. J The S, Dutch Rebelle & Cyrus Deshield)
07. Cocaine & Whiskey (feat. Amadeus The Stampede & Moroney)
08. Zombie Land (feat. Rite Hook)
09. Bible Pages (feat. Big Kurt, Shizz Vicious, Lateb, Esoteric & Moroney)
10. Rats Maze (feat. Newz And Lecks Get It On)
11. Coke Money Jones (feat. Easy Money & Chilla Jones)
12. Bad Guy (feat. Millyz & Smoke Bulga aka Donn Lennon)
13. Something To Believe In (feat. Lou Armstrong, Patrick Starr, Moroney & Blanco)
14. Back Where I’m From (feat. Piff & Singapore)
15. The Fuckery Hotel (feat. Kali & Reks)
16. Faster Than Time (feat. Dre Robinson & DL)
17. Hero (feat. Jaysaun & Checkmark) 

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