01. Demonist (feat. Lex Starwind)
02. Hear No Evil
03. Dark City War
04. Dark Metropolis
05. Heartbeat
06. Home of the Brave (feat. Lex Starwind)
07. Dangerous
08. The Games Over
09. 30 Days (feat. Ricky Fitz)
10. Loud & Clear (feat. Scientific)
11. Muscle (feat. Lex Starwind)
12. Sabo, Part II (feat. Brian Sabo)
13. Seasons Greetings (feat. Lex Starwind)
14. Bada Bada (feat. Lex Starwind)
15. Some Will Do Anything (feat. Lex Starwind)
16. The Young White Lady (feat. Ricky Fitz, Lex Starwind, Sid & DJ SL)
17. Gear Box (feat. Black Rob)
18. No Choices 
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