1.People Being Shot 02:42
2.90’s Horror Movie (ft King Author) 03:01
3.End of The Road 03:35
4.King Lunacy 02:40
5.Invzble Rap Kllaz (ft Bill Shakes & King Grubb/COTD) 02:53
6.Technique (Interlude) 01:28
7.Causin’ Effects 01:36
8.Times Runnin Out (ft I.D) 04:16
9.Assassin Nation 03:51
10.Fall All The Way Back 03:18
11.Vincent 02:09
12.Lie In Death 02:04
13.Everybody Get Lo 03:14
14.If You Want To Know (Interlude) 02:27
15.Die With Thum 03:17
16.Lets Talk 02:43
17.Cellular Warfare (ft Antiheroes) 03:00
18.Total War (ft Tap Out) 04:26
19.Rap it Up (Interlude) 00:45
20.The Everyday War 03:30 

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