Gracias a Octanage.


01. Welcome (Feat. Rebels To The Grain, 12Milagram, Tis, Kef, Melodiq & Faye)
02. Something To Build (Feat. Main Flow & Rebels To The Grain)
03. Si Ridicule (Feat. Deklin & Alex Almonte)
04. Positive Change (Feat. Faye)
05. Je T’emmerde (Feat. Gambi)
06. A Clean Dose (Feat. Cee Know The Doodlebug & P-Able)
07. Entre Deux Orages (Feat. Oni, Epik & Pesla)
08. Kinetics (Feat. Sunken Heads)
09. So Lounge (Feat. Phyl The Ill Lyricist)
10. Bienvenue (Feat. Tis & Nehr)
11. C’est Party (Feat. Nostra)
12. Late At Night (Feat. Tiger Lily & Luthor)
13. Science Of Style (Feat. Insight)
14. Casino (Feat. Mens Sana)
15. Groove To This (Feat. Melodiq)
16. Outro
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