01. All Out War (feat. Bobbie Khan)
02. Secrets
03. Dark Night In City (feat. K-Blunt, Drunken Dragon & Layza Life)
04. It’s A BK Beat Up (feat. Menace OBEZ & Six Sense)
05. Pop This Year (feat. Crise & Frukwan)
06. Smash Dark Knight (feat. Judah Priest, Darkim Be Allah & Sadat X)
07. Cats Dont Want It With Us (feat. Black Jesus & Dust Storm)
08. We Back (feat. Da Manchuz)
09. U Don’t Want To See Me (feat. Skitzo Flow)
10. We Ain’t Fuckin Witcha.mp3
11. We Don’t Like Them (feat. Black Venom, Mustafa & Adyl)
12. Change Now Comin
13. Get With This (feat. Bobbie Khan)
14. We Dem Brooklyn Dudes ( ft. Brooklyn Zu, Popa Chief & SilkSki)
15. I’m A Do Fine By Me
16. We Roll In Brooklyn (feat. M.Dee, Layza Life & Da Manchuz) (RMX)
17. The Caper
18. Young Rich & Paid (feat. Crise)
19. Art Of War #2 

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