01. Ghosts In The Room (Intro) feat. Chaundon
02. Flow Motion feat. Timeless Truth & Newsense
03. Its Your Life feat. Bishop Lamont, Briggs & Armageddon
04. The City feat. Kool G Rap, Nje, Solomon Childs & Unda Dwella
05. The Way It Use To Be feat. Amor Jones, Chaundon & Nje
06. Home (Interlude) feat. Omar Musa
07. Where I Come From feat. Iron Solomon, Kool G Rap, Okwerdz & 360
08. Timeless feat. Timeless Truth & Maundz
09. City Of Gold feat. Joe New
10. Live Your Life feat. Mr Fab, Big Pooh & Prime
11. My Gun feat. Has-Lo
12. The Night Hides Shadows (Interlude) feat. Omar Musa
13. Dark Streets feat. Block McCloud & Tornts
14. Out Of Sync (Xanax Rap) feat. Fluent Form
15. All About You feat. Havoc, Willis, Cheap Sober & Dribbles
16. Feel feat. Cheap Sober
17. A Feeling (Outro) feat. Omar Musa

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