1. Bang Bang feat. Solomon D’Augustine, Rich Malone, Ruste Juxx (Irish Moss Remix) 03:49
2. Picture Perfect feat. Sha Stimuli, Sadat X, Emilio Rojas (The Audible Doctor Remix) 03:45
3. Greenlight 03:01
4. How To Hold A Mic feat. Soul Khan, Sadat X, The Day Laborers 03:46
5. Burners feat. Nine, Ruste Juxx, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Red Eye (maticulous remix) 03:52
6. Save Myself (Coming of Age) feat Kayser9soze (Irish Moss Remix) 03:07
7. Smoking Time 03:20
8. Throw Rocks (That’s How it Is) feat Rich Malone, Konflict (Irish Moss Remix) 03:40
9. Poison Ink feat Big Dutty Deeze (Irish Moss Remix) 03:41
10. Benjamin(Son Of The Right Hand) 02:26
11. Survival Tactics feat Gage One, Fest Gotchu, Seven Da Pantha, Phantom (Sir Tomz) 03:44
12. More Than Ruff feat. Craig G, Koncept, Pair-a-Dyce (J57 Remix) 02:52
13. Getting Down Blowing Up feat. Rich Malone (Irish Moss Remix) 03:42
14. Control the Masses feat. Solomon D’Augustine, Gage One, Stumik Icewater (Irish Moss Remix) 03:34
15. Halo (Pain is Love) feat Prome (Irish Moss Remix) 03:47
16. More Then Ruff (UK Remix) feat. Craig G, Big Dutty Deeze (Irish Moss Remix) 03:43
17. We Make Tracks feat. Lewi London (Irish Moss Remix) 03:44
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