North Carolina’s own Supastition releases ‘The Blackboard EP’, a free 8-track digital EP. The project serves as a “thank you” to the listeners who continued to support his music after his sudden departure from the music business in 2010. The Blackboard is about returning to the basics of emceeing and rediscovering that vintage sound that Supastition has been known for since his debut album in 2002. 

The project features the critically acclaimed, Yada Yada, the conceptual Best Worst Day, and the boom bap inspired “Indestructible”. The only guest appearances on The Blackboard EP are the DJ duo, Faust & Shortee, and German-based vocalist Dominique. Production on the EP is handled by longtime producers Marco Polo, M-phazes, Veterano, the Mighty DR, and Croup as well as Rik Marvel and Dirty Art Club.  

Fans have the option to “name their price” if they feel inclined to contribute and support the music which will fund the upcoming full length album. For FREE download, simply input $0.00 and enter your email address. 


1. The Blackboard ft Faust & Shortee – Prod. by Rik Marvel 
2. Daydream – Prod. by Veterano 
3. Indestructible ft Faust & Shortee – Prod. by M-phazes 
4. Rejoice – Prod. by Veterano 
5. Best Worst Day – Prod. by Dirty Art Club 
6. Yada Yada – Prod. by Marco Polo 
7. Expectations – Prod. by The Mighty DR; Scratches by Shylow 
8. Perfect World ft Dominique – Prod. by Croup

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