01 Intro 
02 Legacy (Feat. O.C.) 
03 Egyptology (Feat. A.G. & Roc Marciano) 
04 Snake Charmer (Feat. A.G. & Bamboo Bros [Kurious + Dave Dar])
05 Extreme Status (Feat. A.G. & Kool Keith)
06 The Ritual (Feat. Sean G.) 
07 Shorties Watching (Feat. Kurious) 
08 These Rappers Under The Hex (Feat. A.G.) 
09 Last Night Finesse (Feat. Dave Dar) 
10 I Been Luvin U (Feat. Kool Keith) 
11 Pressure Up (Feat. Kool Keith & Roc Marciano) 
12 The Blues Got Ya (Feat. A.G. & Roc Marciano) 
13 Acid (Feat. O.C.) 
14 Random (Feat. A.G.)
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