Kiss The Sky (feat. Big Hop) 03:49
Creature Hypnosis (feat. Seven Star) 03:30
Still Tryna Find A Way (feat. Awon) 03:32
Pay Out (feat. ScholarMan) 02:51
Love, Peace And Cannabis (feat. Hell Yeeeeah) 03:22
Norrin Rad (feat. MC Elijah Black) 03:12
I Miss You So (feat. ZoneOut) 04:12
Shadowboxin’ (feat. R.A.G.Z.) 04:04
Reparation (feat. Paw Dukes) 03:46
Game (Rap Promoter ’12) (feat. Mallz) 02:41
Get This Money (feat. Titan & Nachy Bless) 03:37 

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