Behind The Curtain (Prod By: Profound) 
End Of Days (Prod By: Think & Profound) 
Amicable.Antagonism (Prod By: Eddie Glock) 
Delusive Revolution (Prod By: Profound / Cello: Rumplestiltz of Babylon Warchild) 
Rather Pocket None (Prod By: Krutty Ranks) 
Sacrifice (Prod By: Mikey Bingo) 
Yo! (Prod By: Krutty Ranks / Guitar: Vartevar Sarkissian) 
LookIN/LookOUT ft. Unknown Mizery&Kryptic (Prod By: Profound) 
Deaf’amation ft. Jessica Gucciardi (Prod By: Mikey Bingo) 
Zero-To-Zero ft. Mikey Bingo (Prod By: RayneDrop) 
Thought Crimes – AKT3 (Prod By: Mikey Bingo) 
Suit&Noose ft. Iconoclast (Prod By: MindTwist) 
Colossus (Prod By: Think) 
Afraid To Die? (Prod By: Dope Antelope) 
Falsifier (Prod By: Krutty Ranks) 
Take Flight (Prod By: Mikey Bingo)
Let It All Go (Prod By: Mikey Bingo) 
Last Words (Prod By: Mikey Bingo)   

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