1.Our Name Is Legion – Arcanegel, Baron Von Molotov
2.Cephalophory – Vice Versa, Boxguts, Poetic Death
3.ReptileXiles – Alhazred, Species
4.12th Dimensional Shift – Grim Moses
5.C est La Vie – Krippled Khemist
6.Starchild – Kalki
7.Externally Attached – TrustOne
8.Rotgut Rotary Model 001 – Xerces Blue
9.Boxguts Off the Dome
10.What If There Is No God – Jon Humble
11.Finding Mother – Knowlize
12.Outta Control – Axiom
13.Eyes Open – Jack Spairo
14.Frank Insights and Myrhder – Ascended Masters
15.Snubnoses and Snuff Flicks – Grim Moses
17.Starcluster – Stranded
18.Blood and Bone – Apakalypse
19.Reflections – Kalki
20.Magnetic Water – Life Scientist
21.Broken – Alhazred – 7th Galaxy
23.Solve et Coagna – Alhazred
24.the13thfloor – Stranded
25.Suspicious Eyes – Knowlize
26.Neptune – Wormhole
27.Ambush – Phantom Balance
28.Anamoly – numberfourtyfour
29.Smog Diving – Hooded Locust
30.Ruta de Escape – RSI G7


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