Props to The Hulk 

1. Intro
2. The Diagnosis
3. Methods Of Madness
4. Lock Jaw (feat. Kid Fade)
5. Back In The Day (feat. Cherie Sandoval)
6. Divine Intervention
7. Who’s Sicker?
8. Track Marks
9. Graphic Depictions (feat. Jnyce & Mr. Morbid)
10. Creatures Of The Night (feat. Icy Stares, Hood Kings & Mogly)
11. Blink Of An Eye
12. Slaughterville (feat. Klive Kraven)
13. Bootleggers (feat. Society Of Shadows)
14. Verbal Blades
15. Psycho’s Mind (feat. Shallow Pockets)
16. Interrogation (Skit)
17. Drunk & Disorderly
18. Children Of Death (feat. True Grit, Donnie Menace, Anonamix, Kid Doms, Absoulut Karnage, Edd Bundy, Cyco, Nutkaze, DTACH, Mastamind & Klive Kraven)
19. Reasons (feat. Cherie Sandoval)

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