2.Mighty Phillie 
3.Blood Diamond Ft. Kevlaar 7
4.Detroit Taliban (Excerpt) Ft. Illah Dayz
5.Phillie Freestyle
6.The NewComer (Interlude)
7.Love Burns Ft. 60 Sec Assassin & Prodigal Son
8.Nothing Like It ft. The Wisemen
9.Reagan Shot Burst ft. Bronze Nazareth
10.First Place ft. Number Street Bubz
11.The Anthem
12.Okay I Will Vouch! (Interlude)
13.Riot Music ft. T-Money & Bronze Nazareth 
14.$ Like Me 
15.Soul Position ft. Bronze Nazareth, M-Eighty, Kevlaar 7, Son One, 5 Star, & C Rayz Walz
16.Skeletons Playing Piano (Raw Original) ft. Bronze Nazareth
17.The Hip Hop Anthem ft. C-Major
18.Who Are You?
19.Still No! ft. Ras Kass & Rock (Heltah Skeltah)
20.The Dagger (Same One?) ft. Bronze Nazareth & Kevlaar 7
21.Ph’illness (Illness 1&2 Blend)
22.Holler! ft. Swisherelli The Prince
23.Outro / Detroit’s Finest Snippet
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