1. Intro (Feat. Leedz)
  2. Get Outta Here (Feat. Slaine, Man Terror, Frankie Wainwright)  
  3. Can’t Scare Me (Feat. Lou Armstrong)  
  4. Knock Me Out The Game (Feat AZ, Smyly, Al-J) 
  5. Hustler (Feat. Stucat) [Explicit]
  6. Get Ur Love (Feat. Reef The Lost Cauze, Rite Hook, Amadeus The Stampede) 
  7. Careful What You Ask For (Feat. Slaine, Sticks, Diego aka Larry Bird, No Chance aka The Chief) 
  8. In & Out (Feat. J The S, Lord Touch) 
  9. Life is a Mutha (Feat. Al-J, Big Shug) 
10. The Playground (Feat. St. Fort) 
11. Helpin Us (Feat. Man Terror, Rod) 
12. Call My Name (Feat. Amadeus The Stampede, Al-J, XL) 
13. Sad Story (Feat. Ray Diamonds) 
14. Watch Ya Back (Feat. Amadeus The Stampede)
15. Angers Best Friend (Feat. Rite Hook)
16. Lost For Hope (Feat. Skinny Cavallo, Kenyetta Savage) 
17. Man In The Bottle (Feat. XL) 
18. Try and Break Me (Feat. Blak Madeen)
19. The Violence (Feat. J The S, Phinelia, BR) 
20. Over and Over (Feat. Amadeus The Stampede, Prone 2, Stucat)   
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