The Golden Touch (feat. Rook da Rukus, Duhnokah da Great, Schoppenaas & Psix)
Crime Spree (feat. Big Gastino, Crisis, Steadfast, Melk$$$$ & D Cypha)
Organised Rime Family (feat. Don Valentino, King Mike V, Virus One, Psix, Empne, Roeschti & Schoppenaas)
The Church of Madness (feat. Gurilla Grodd, Crisis, Schoppenaas & D Cypha)
Playin’ God (feat. Big Gastino)
2 da People (Tell ‘M Where U From) [feat. King Mike V, Virus One, Psix & Empne]
Live By the Law (feat. Taiyamo Denku, Schoppenaas, Rook da Rukus & Psix)
Empty Shells (Konservokoutia) [feat. Empne & D Cypha]
The Seven Gods of Chaos (feat. 80 Proof, J Smith, Lord Q, Steadfast, King Mike V & D Cypha)
The Spectacle (feat. Schoppenaas, King Mike V, Psix & Steadfast)
Process of the Come Up (feat. King Mike V, Schoppenaas, J Smith, Pherom One, Mighty Warrior, Grim, Ajfms, Risskant, Anonymouz, Steadfast, Psix & D Cypha)
Menacing Sound (Bedreigend Geluid) [feat. Stihopathis & Empne]
Bloodlettin’ (feat. Insane Poetry) 


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