01. Da Sermon (Intro)
02. Time ta Bounce (Feat Doo Wop of Da Bounce Squad)
03. True and Livin’
04. O Lord (Feat O.C.)
05. Brainstorm-PSK (No Gimmicks Remix) (Feat KRS-One & O.C.)
06. Taking it Lyte (Feat MC Lyte)
07. Gameplan
08. Words From da AK (Feat Akinyele)
09. Flip da Style
10. Showtime (Feat Showbiz)
11. Speak ya Peace (Feat Marquee, Diamond D & A.G.)
12. Food For Thought
13. Da Kid Himself (Feat Kid Kapri)
14. Hip 2 da Game
15. No Gimmicks (Feat KRS-One)
16. Actual Facts (Feat Sadat-X, Large Professor & Grand Puba)
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