1. Intro 
2. Bong Ya Self (feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq & Zeeqway)
3. Goin Bananas (feat. Sicknature & N.B.S.) 
4. Watch I Spit (feat. Casual) 
5. Money (feat. Faculty) 
6. The Darkside (feat. Donny Goines) 
7. Inspiration (feat. Insight) 
8. The Beast 
9. Hot Blooded (feat. Simple One)
10. Contrast (feat. Reach) 
11. Progression (feat. Masta Ace) 
12. With Finesse (feat. ASM) 
13. Last Emp Is Like (feat. The Last Emperor) 
14. It’s Like That (feat. Punchline) 
15. Elevation (feat. Spon) 
16. The Northside (feat. J. Sands)

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