«We experienced a lot of ups and downs upon the completion of this project. However, Devon Anthony Blair Jr. aka: Con-Man or Conscious (preferably what he likes to be called), has found a way through the tribulation. He firmly believes that the best way to measure ones success is how you fight through the failure with any obstacle in life. With the help of his manager Chris Fusick, (creater of www.TooSickMuzik.com) the release of his latest mixtape, “Bogies & Coffee” has come to a satisfactory conclusion and ready for true Hip-Hop heads across the Globe. Bogies & Coffee is a title rapper Con-Man has been sitting on for several months. It represents what he consumed while making the project. Although cigarettes and coffee are an unhealthy mix he’s managed to create the perfect concoction musically. He quickly found an alternative to marijuana while on probation, spending stressful hours and sleepless nights in the studio. 


Includes features from Shabaam Sahdeeq, Red Eye, Born Unique, Adam Reverie, Truth, Chyna Doll, B.E.N.E.F.I.T., Monster Mullen, & Lil’ Cuz. Production from Nu Vintage, Alakazam, VIPete, Royce Music Group, B.DURAZZO, KB Da Beat Goddess, SKYWLKR, B.Rich, Red-Eye, Lankx Beatz, Lord P., Ratatat, Ljones, Tommy Noble, and Dead Man Walkn.»


1.Daily Bread (Prod. by B.DURAZZO)
2.A Higher Calling (Prod. by Alakazam)
3.Hey Dreamer (Prod. by VIPete – Skits Added by Con-Man)
4.One Of These Days (ft. Monster Mullen – Prod. by Nu Vintage)
5.Is It Time (ft. Truth – Prod. by Nu Vintage)
6.Danger (ft. Chyna Doll – Prod. by KB Da Beat Goddess)
7.Scary Flow (Prod. by Royce Music Group)
8.Underground Connection (ft. Born Unique, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Red Eye, & B.E.N.E.F.I.T. – Prod. by Nu Vintage)
9.Leave Me Lonely (Prod. by SKYWLKR)
10.Sicker Than Your Average (ft. Adam Reverie – Prod. by Nu Vintage)
11.Face Da Truth (Prod. by Nu Vintage)
12.Doin Me (ft. Lil’ Cuz – Prod. by B.rich)
13.Adam Reverie, Con-Man, Bogies & Coffee, Red-Eye – What Rap Is (ft. Adam Reverie – Prod. by Red-Eye)
14.Never Seen, Never Heard (Prod. by Lankx Beatz)
15.Mic Check (Prod. by Lord P.)
16.My Startin 5 (Prod. by Ratatat)
Ease My Pain (Prod. by Dead Man Walkn)
18.I’ll Take You Back One Day (Unofficial Remix of Metronomy’s «The Bay»)
19.Siren Lasers (ft. Lana Del Rey – Unofficial Remix – Prod. by Tommy Noble)
20.Build A Foundation (Prod. by Ljones)

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