A1 Suffocated To Death By God’s Shadow
A2 Insaneology (ft. Sean Martin, John Tardy & Dan Lilker)
A3 Necrotura (ft. Igor Cavalera, Alex Skolnick & Matt Harvey)
A4 Push it to the Limit (NYHC mix) (ft. Jamey Jasta)
A5 Empowered (ft. Sid Wilson, Trevor Peres, John Tardy, Away & Dan Lilker)
B1 Evil Rules (ft. Scott Ian, Dave Ellefson & Ray Alder)
B2 The Pre-Fix for Death (ft. Away)
B3 Belligerent Gangsters (ft. Harley Flanagan)
B4 The Crazies (86′ Metal mix) (ft. Mr. Hyde & ILL BiLL)
B5 The Ultimate Revenge (ft. Vinny Appice & Alex Skolnick)
C1 Keeping it Real (ft. Adam Jackson)
C2 Chasing The Dragon (Moshpit Metal mix)
C3 Blessed Are the Sick
C4 Edge Play (ft. Mr. Hyde & ILL BiLL)
C5 Gore!
D1 The Chosen Few (ft. Mr. Hyde & ILL BiLL)
D2 Watch Your Back (ft. Danny Diablo)
D3 I Wanna Fuck
D4 Push It To The Limit (Original mix) (ft. Jamey Jasta)
D5 Do The Charles Manson (’93 demo) 

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