1.P.O.W Intro Ft Bobby LeFrebre & DJ Chonz
2.N.A.P.A.L.M (ft – Fresh Breath Co & Dj Bedz
3.Harsh Wordz (ft Catch Lungs & Dj Chonz
4.Fight Night (ft Inkline & Avius)
5.No Hold Bars (ft Nation & 303 WhyGee & Dj Chonz)
6.Were I Belong – Spoke In Wordz
7.Cry For Me (ft ManeRok, J-Swizz, of 20:12 & King Foe
8.Find Him (ft Sp Double) Beat By Sp Double
9.Personality/Countless (ft King Foe & Nation
10.Checkin My Fresh (ft Playalitical) Beat By Playalitical
11.Get The Power – Spoke In Wordz
12.Super Hero Music (ft Freddie Sahv, Brad Spitz & Dj R2
13.All Day (ft Haven Da Great, Kurze One & D.G.
14.Man In The Mirror (ft T.R.E)
15.With You (ft Thomas The Franchise & Role Pl-A of 20:12
16.Go Crazy (feat. Spoke In Wordz)
17.Code Of Conduct (ft Sonny Nuke & Avius Of (Prime Element)
18.Major Deal (ft Hypnautic & King Teff)
19.Do It Tonight (ft J- Swizz of 20:12)
20.Words Of Inspiration (ft Procyse & Mizlogik)
21.Venomous (ft Dj Bizerkk, Fresh Breath Co, SpDouble, Sonny Nuke, Mizlogik & Procyse, Kurze One, 20:12, T.R.E, Bravo, & Hypnautic
22.Its Official (ft J Money, B Blacc & Spoke In Wordz Hosted By Joe Thunder

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