Con-Man’s second mixtape release is Off Da Hook. The tape is just over 50 minutes of hip-hop, consisting of 20 total tracks. The premise of the tape was to focus on the verses. Too much of music nowadays relies on a catchy chorus or hook. I wanted to prove that hip-hop can be quality music without the repetitious nature of a few words. So in that sense this entire mixtape is Off Da Hook. Full download includes 3 bonus tracks!

1.Don’t Go To Sleep (Prod. by LXGIC)
2.Conspirator (Prod. by Rusty Joints)
3.People Say I’m Crazy (Prod. by Stir Crazy)
4.Candied Adam’s Apple (Prod. by Jules Watts)
5.187 (Prod. by Seko)
6.Bars Of Steel (Prod. by Politiks)
7.Off Da Hook (Prod. by BeatBusta)
8.Full Of Bullshit (Prod. by CozOne)
9.The Takeover (ft. Adam Reverie – Prod. by Gibma Fuffi)
10.Now We Organize (Prod. by Gibma Fuffi)
11.Wasabi Peas & Horseradish (Prod. by Kompound)
12.Headcrack (Prod. by Double Deuce)
13.Pullin’ 16s (Prod. by MFX)
14.What I Smoke (Prod. by DJ Concept)
15.Jim Crow Flow (Prod. by AstenHarris)
16.Change Gon’ Come (Prod. by The Conscious One)
17.Studio Car (Prod. by Robby Wildebeat)
18.Drinkin Smokin (Prod. by Joker Crazy Beatz)
19.Just One Of Them (Prod. by DJ Concept)
20.A Final Message (Prod. by The Conscious One)

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