01 Pain Grows (Intro)
02 Just A Message (Ft. Nate)
03 Where I Belong
04 Walk The Line
05 Revolution Aint A Flag
06 Flawed By Design
07 Human Nature
08 Dirt In The Ground (Ft. Oliver Sudden)
09 Keep Pushin’
10 Eyes On Fire
11 Greatness (Ft. Supar Novar, Big Frizzle)
12 Everybodies Changing
13 L.O.V.E
14 Reality Bites (Prod. Morfius)
15 Achieve (Prod. Morfius)
16 Come Back To Me (Prod. Deadman-Walkn)
17 Who Am I To Say (Prod. Deadman-Walkn)
18 Meaning Of Life

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