1. Slow Creation (Introduction)
2. The Dark Flip
3. Am I Awake feat Kyra UK
4. Belly of Greed feat. Son of a Queen
5. Swine
6. Aimless Wondering feat. Kyra UK
7. Babylon Jungle feat. John Babylon
8. Testament feat. Le Hornet
9. Eventual Victory (skit)
10. In the Name of Hip Hop
11. Sagas of Running from the War Bus
12. Time Frames
13. Watch for P.O.Z.
14. Zenn-la Crime Sagas feat. Pantheonz of Zenn-la
15. Revolutionary War Song
16. Stand Firm (skit)
17. The Perspective view feat Manage & Mohammed Yahya
18. Chamber Music
19. Zone
20. The Berserk Bonus 

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