The Pulse of the Awakening (Intro) 01:06
Evil Streets (Malcolm’s Steps) 03:17
The Power Source (War at Night) [produced by OMeziah] 03:31
F.O.C.U.S. (feat. OMeza Omnisicent and Kyra) [produced by OMeziah] 03:31
Bastards 03:34
The Forever War feat. Yellow King, The Aurahkel and Seapa [produced by Nickel] 04:53
The Key to Our Survival feat. OMeza Omniscient and eMCee Killa [produced by Kelakovski] 05:32
Our Times feat. OMeza Omniscient and Kyra [produced by Apex Zero] 03:45
Revolutionary War Song [produced by OMeziah] 03:50
Zion Gate Dub 03:21
Shit Day feat. OMeza Omniscient 04:36
The Wretched of the Earth 02:59
(Our Own) Divine Intervention 02:59
Dead Season (Zero Apex) 02:54 

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