Props to MizterFizter


1. Hip Hop Martyrs (feat. Kool G Rap, Formaldahyde, Absoulut Karnage, Calligraphist & Yedidyah Ben Sion)
2. Monumental (feat. KRS One, Bigg Limn, Raekwon & Immortal Technique)
3. Invasion Of The Bravehearted (feat. Son Of Saturn, Phes One, Misk & YedidYah Ben Sion)
4. Gorilla Warfare (feat Celph Titled, King Magnetic, GQ Nothin’ Pretty & Vorheez)
5. Enemy Of The State (feat. Outerspace & Capital X)
6. Nightmare On Drunk Street (feat. Natural Born Spitters)
7. Poetical Poltergeists (feat. Cappadonna, Mic Daily, Marcanum X & Big$hot)
8. Desolate Fate (feat. Copywrite & Mark Deez)
9. Respect (feat. Crooked I, Moke & Tone, The Problemaddicts & Mr. Met)
10. Necromancer Romantic (feat. Guilty Smiles & Canibus)
11. The Last Rites (feat. Fallen Anghellz)
12. For The Real Emcee (feat. Infinito 2017) 
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