2.Randomology Pt. 2 (Boom Bap Theology) (Feat. Datin)
3.Rugged Theologian
4.C.R.O.S.S. (Feat. Lord Metatron)
5.Triple Optix Freestyle
6.God Is A Beast (Feat. R-Kitect, Swinn Da Example and Freestyle Fam)
8.Reign Over Me (Feat. Radikl)
9.Divine Wordsmith
10.DJ I Rock Jesus Interlude
11.Runnin’ Away (Feat. Ronin)
12.Ur In The Wrong Place (Feat. DK The Watchman)
13.Da Lion (Feat. Hebrew, Disciple (DI), Firejaws and Swinn Da Example)
14.((DJ I Rock Jesus Replay)) Da Lion (Feat. Hebrew, Disciple (DI), Firejaws and Swinn Da Example)
15.Yeshua Ha’Mashiac (Feat. Christcentric, Believin’ Stephen, Mike Guess and B. Morr)
16.40 Barz
17.Submission (Feat. Gospel City)
18.Way Of The Sword (Feat. Atom Tha Immortal and Crucifix Payne)
19.Bang! (Feat. Swinn Da Example and Firejaws)
20.The Round Table (Feat. Young Paul, Swinn Da Example, Mark Arthur and Zae da Blacksmith)
21.The Second Coming / Theological Eventz (Feat. Knew Jeru’slum and Swinn Da Example)
22.Righteouz Knight Outro

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