1. The Devil (Produced By Pro P) 
2. Pass The Mic (Produced By Pete Cannon) 
3. Put Ya Hands Up (Produced By Naive) 
4. Drugs (Produced By Plastic Surgeon)
5. 4 Coarse Meal Ft. Wordsmith, Lego & GnT (Produced By Naive) 
6. Cant Get Out (Produced By Pro P) 
7. Spaced Out (Produced By Pro P) 
8. Hot And Cold Ft. Mic Dyson (Produced By Naive) 
9. Stressed Out (Produced By Pete Cannon) 
10. The Anthem Ft. Cruger, Eurgh & Chronicle (Produced By Pro P)
11. I Need Help (Produced By Naive)
12. Amature Dramatics (Produced By Pro P)
13. Interlekt (Produced By Pro P) 
14. Facets Ft. GnT (Produced By Pro P)
15. Far Away Dreams (Produced By Pro P)  

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