«SONAR is the result of 8 tracks between the swiss producer Dee Metto and the rapper Planetary from the critically-acclaimed group «Outerspace» (Planetary & Crypt The Warchild) from Philadelphia and part of the super-group «Army Of The Pharaohs».
This project contain features with some of the most talented Mc’s from the Philadelphia Hip Hop scene such as : Crypt The Warchild, Faez One, Kev Turner, Marxman, Lid Drama and Burke The Jurke. You are also going traveling to Los Angeles with EQ and France with Dj Djaz, Def Switch & ToonKurtis».

1. Planetary feat. Faez One & Marxman – Back to the streets 03:37
2. Planetary feat. Burke The Jurke (cuts by Def Switch & Toonkurtis) – Sonar 02:16
3. Planetary feat. Kev Turner & Lid Drama (cuts by Dj Djaz) – Blackout 03:37
4. Planetary & Crypt The Warchild (Outerspace) – Monsterous 02:15
5. Planetary – Flashback 02:23
6. Planetary & Crypt The Warchild (Outerspace) – Divide and conquer 02:38
7. Planetary feat. Burke The Jurke – Letter to myself 02:34
8. Planetary feat. EQ – Brutality 02:41
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