Props to moreno.

1. Pyramid Buildaz (feat. IDE, Alucard & Stonecutters)
2. Fate (feat. Lord Lhus, Eternel & Unknown)
3. Good Men (Instrumental)
4. 1, 2, 3 (feat. Engel, Killian) (Benzie Remix)
5. Stonecutters (feat. IDE, Alucard, Stonecutters & Lord Lhus)
6. Lady Bad Luck (Instrumental)
7. I’m Coming Up (feat. Lord Lhus)
8. The Word Is Law (feat. Goretex & Human Genocide Process)
9. Rok Da Strings (Instrumental)
10. Wall Of Troy (feat. IDE, Alucard & Stonecutters)
11. Raw Essence (feat. Lord Lhus, Reef The Lost Cause, Matt Maddox & King Magnetic)
12. Fall Of Persia (feat. IDE, Alucard & Stonecutters)
13. Bolly Woodpecker (Instrumental)
14. Star Scope (feat. IDE & Lord Lhus)
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