01-The Mission (Feat. Dj Mr. Thing)
02-The Music (Feat. El Da Sensei)
03-We Waitin’ (Call Waiting: Evidence & Iriscience)
04-Heart Pound (Feat. Evidence & Dj Babu)
05-The Legacy… (Call Waiting: Marley Marl, Masta Ace & Craig G)
06-That’s My Word (Feat. Craig G & Will Pack)
07-All Yours (Call Waiting: T La Rock)
08-Kronkite (Feat. Phill Da Agony)
09-Fonk Flavour (Dj Plus One)
10-In And Out (Feat. Consequence)
11-Zillo (Call Waiting: Dj Mighty Mi)
12-Street Conexions (Feat. Out Da Ville)
13-Zooted (Feat. Mike Zoot)
14-Hoe’s And Dough (Feat. Mike Zoot)
15-Creators (Rise On Top)
16-(Another) Another World (Feat. Mos Def & Talib Kweli)
17-Internatio Nal Ghetto (Cuts By Juliano)
18-W.A.R. (Feat. Tribel)
19-The Aftermath22-Watch Us Touch (Feat. Consequence)
20-No Love (Feat. F.T.)
21-Before We Touch (Cuts By Juliano)
23-Enter The Stage (Call Waiting: Madlib)
24-The Cypher (Feat. Lootpack)
25-Skits, Blunts And Hip Hop (Call Waiting: Diamond D)
26-Oh Yeah (Feat. Shawn J Period, F.T. & Mike Zoot)
27-The Coming
28-Hard Margin (Feat. Mos Def & Talib Kweli)

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