A1 Theme From The Creators (Time 2 Get Wreck)
A2 Don’t Give A F*** [Featuring] – Big Kwam
A3 What We Live For (Skit 1)
A4 Weird Old World [Featuring] – Marga-Marl-J
A5 Sounds Wunderful (Skit 2)
A6 Pros And Cons [Featuring] – Delirious, The Rats
B1 Back At B And Babas (Skit 3)
B2 Room For Improvement [Featuring] – M.C.M.
B3 Makin’ Skits (Skit 4)
B4 Makin’ Hits [Featuring] – Tru
B5 Check It Out (Skit 5)
B6 It’s Like That [Featuring] – Big Kwam, M.C.M., Tru

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